Food Safety
At R.S. Hanline, food safety is paramount.   Our quality assurance department has implemented every measure to ensure that all of our products meet USDA and FDA requirements.  With the ongoing modifications mandated in the fresh produce industry, our company not only adheres to the changes brought forth, but also strives to remain innovative and stay ahead of the curve.

Food safety and quality assurance begins in our growers fields. All of our growers' are required to have an independent annual GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) audit which addresses all risk areas. Additionally, each shipment we receive is inspected for USDA grade, quality and temperature.  Our inspectors have thorough training, as well as decades of experience in the fresh produce industry. 
In-House Laboratory
Our facility is equipped with an in-house laboratory that has the capacity to perform micro-testing, micro-swabbing, packaging and food quality tests.  These tests have proven to continuously hold our products to the highest standard.  Our team of quality assurance professionals has decades of QA and food safety experience in the fresh produce industry.  That experience, combined with our employees' continued attendance at annual training and certification programs helps keep our company ahead of the curve regarding all food safety compliance regulations.
Recall & Traceability
All of our products are coded to allow for an efficient and thorough recall in the unlikely event that a recall does occur. Detailed records are kept of all raw material receipts and shipments.  Simply put, we are able to trace all of our products back to the very acre on which they were grown.
We work with numerous transportation companies that have extensive experience in the refrigerated trucking business to ensure that the cold chain is never broken.  Our sister company, Trade Wind Express, is our primary source for all transportation solutions.  Trade Wind has a team of dedicated professionals with backgrounds in the produce industry.  Because of Trade Winds affiliation with our company, service is always the best.
Third Party Audits
All of our facilities are certified by a third party organizations, Primus GFS.  You can see our most recent certificate for global food safety acceptance HERE.